「China is the birthpplace of tea.」Our premium teas are made from fresh tealeaves grown in historic tea farms with traditional production methods.


Black tea originates from China. The highest quality of black tea is
hand-picked from trees and treated with traditional production methods.
Chinese black tea has a natural sweet taste and natural fragrances,

Origins from Yunnan Province.
Buds are very large and plump with golden color.
It is becoming very popular for its natural rose flavor.

Keemun, along with Darjiling from India and
Ceylon from Sri Lanka, is well recognized as
one of the top three black teas in the world.
Top grade keemun tea has a faint smoke flavor
with natural orchid fragrance, providing a sweet

In the tea clipper era, this tea was the number one export to London. It has
orange falavour.


These teas were originally produced in China especially for ancient scholars
and emperors, who believed it would bring them longevity and health.
This tea grows in extraordinarily scenic locations. The production methods are
unique to this kind of tea, giving it the status of a luxury object.

Representatives of China tea - oolong tea ,
sweet and lasting appeal. Is a sweet-scented
osmanthus fragrance.

Long Jing is well known as Spring
greeting tea in the area of south
Yangze River of China。 It is
Emperor Qian Long and Empress
Dowager Ci Xi's most favorite tea。
It is famous for "Green Color,
High Fragrance"。

This is the highest class of Jasmine tea made of
hand roasted tea leaves and Jasmine blooms。

Fermented tea, also known as "black oolong tea",
this tea contains an orchid flavor


These tealeaves are hand-tied, so that when placed in hot water,
the leaves slowly unfurl, like blooming flowers.
his jasmine flavored green tea relaxes the spirit and calms the mind.

These tea leaves are heart-shaped. Once placed in hot water,
the jasmine tea leaves "bloom" like many red flowers.


These are not made from tealeaves; they are made from plants and called
"health" teas or "hanfang" tea in China: including colyx tea、Luobuma tea。

Luobuma tea grows on the bank of salt lakes in the
Takla Makan desert along the Silk Road.
These rare tea leaves were used for travelers along
the Silk Road as health drinks in their long journey.
Scientific research shows the active ingredient in this
tea is effective in reducing high blood pressure.
This tea has been recorded in the Dictionary of Chinese Medicine "Yaodian".

This tree grows on the Vietnam-China border. In ancient times,
because it had medicinal purposes, local tribes and minority peoples
collected these teas.


Good teas can be brewed more than once;
not disposed of after one brewing.

Tip # 1
Pre-heat teapots and teacups prior to making tea

Tip # 2
After adding hot water, keep the teapot lid on

Tip # 3
Empty all water from the teapot after first brewing
to ensure quality taste for future tea.